Commission Terms of Service

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General Information

· The Artist and Client will communicate via EMAIL.

· All information listed below is in regards to the Artist’s commission information. Freelance work is handled differently and in no way should the listed commission rates or process be used as reference when contacting the Artist for freelance work.

· For Freelance work inquires please contact the Artist at

· Base prices are subject to change without notice; quotes requested or discussed prior price updates are not affected.

· Given a complete description of a commission idea, a quote will be provided. Quotes are good for 10 days.

· All commissions are drawn in the Artist’s “style”.

· The Artist may cancel the commission at any time if the Client is excessively or continuously rude, demanding, childish, or inappropriate.

Commission Process

If you are interested in a commission, please contact me via email at with the subject line ‘Commission’.

In the email please include:

Your name

Contact Info

Type of Commission

Detailed description of what you are looking for and a reference sheet (No more than 10 reference pictures for a single character)

Acknowledgment that you have read the Commission Terms of Services and that you understand and will comply with what is written.

I do reserve the right to decline any and all requests…so please do not send any payment until I have confirmed that I am ready and willing to take your commission request on.

*Please note that commission payments are non-refundable 24 hours after confirmation email (from me) of payment received is sent out.

All payments will be processed through Paypal only.


  • Once I have received payment I will send out a rough sketch of your commission for your approval within the agreed upon timeframe. You will need to review and approve the rough sketch before I proceed to the final design.
  • You will only have one opportunity to review and request changes (if needed) to the commission before the final design is sent out.
  • Commissions will be delivered via email as a 300 dpi jpg and 300 dpi pdf.


  • Commissions are intended for NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY.
    • Commissions cannot be used to advertise people, businesses, or products.
    • Commissions cannot be mass-produced, used for profit or to advertise people, businesses, or products.
  • All Commissions will be signed and dated (no exceptions).
  • I reserve the right to use the final commission and process work leading up to the final commission in my portfolio, social media sites (i.e. Tumblr, Instagram, Blogs, Artstation, etc), websites, galleries, books, etc.

*For freelance and or commercial inquiries please email me at*

Thank you,

Jessica Madorran

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