Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What program do you use to draw?
         A: Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

Q: What brushes do you use in Photoshop?
         A: I stick mostly to the basic default brushes. I have some brush sets that I received from my instructors when I was taking online classes at          CGTalk and CGMA. I’m not sure if those are available anywhere on web. They are fairly basic with low opacity and shape dynamics on.

Q: Do you take requests?
        A: No. Sorry I do not take requests.

Q: Are you taking commissions?
       A: Please go here for my commission details.

Q: Are you available for freelance work?
      A: Yes. For questions on my availability for freelance work please email me at jmad.sketches@gmail.com

Q: Do you have an online store?
      A: Yes. You can find the links for my stores below.

Q: Where can I buy your previous Art Books?
      A: See links below….

Q: Will you be drawing any more Disney Warrior Princesses?
      A: No. Not anytime soon. They were fun to draw…but right now I am enjoying drawing other things. :)

Q: Will you sell prints of the Disney Warrior Princesses pieces you drew?
      A: Nope. These are fan art pieces only.

Q: Is it okay to cosplay as any of your characters?
      A: Sure go for it…as long as they are not the drawings tagged as “commissions”. Also if you do decide to cosplay as any of my characters please make sure to credit me and whatever one of my pieces that inspired your costume if you post pics anywhere. :)

Q: Is it okay to repost your work?
      A: Really please do not repost my work. Especially do not repost my work without a source to my site or my actual name. Reblogs from my Tumblr are fine and appreciated! :)

Q: Is it okay to create a 3D model of your characters?
      A: Sure :). As long as it is NOT used for commercial use, profit, mass production, or to advertise a business. Any 3D model you create of my work also can NOT be used in competitions, publications, prints, magazines, books, movies, games, etc without my explicit consent. If you are creating it for your portfolio to help you find a job then that is fine. Please note that some of the work I post on my site is commissioned work or work I did for a freelance job. It is very important that you make sure to credit me as the artist and include a link to my original post of the character you choose to model. On my post I list who commissioned or hired me for the design so it is very important that you include the link. (Side note to people that commission me - Please make sure you provide me with a link to one of your social sites (Tumblr, DeviantArt, etc…if applicable) that I can add to my post when I upload the final design of your commission to my site. That way if a 3D model is created of your commission people will know you are the one that commissioned the piece).